Open Access Publication: AICA SC Archive

From the AICA SC Website:

AICA Southern Caribbean, a regional chapter of the International Association of Art Critics, recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. To acknowledge the achievements of the organization over the past two decades, we are compiling an archive of documents and making these available through our website. This will grow over the coming months as we begin the work of retrieving and scanning these publications.

In 1996, at the Third Santo Domingo Biennial of Painting, Dominique Brebion and Allison Thompson were invited to establish a chapter of the organization that could bring together those individuals writing about art in the region. Thompson, along with Alissandra Cummins and Nick Whittle, had formerly been members of AICA Puerto Rico; members Myrna Rodriquez and Haydee Venegas along with Marianne de Tolentino from AICA Dominican Republic were formative in ushering us through this process.  AICA Southern Caribbean was formally approved at the AICA Annual Congress in Northern Ireland the following year.  The chapter now includes members from Barbados, Martinique, Trinidad, Jamaica, Curacao as well as writers in the wider Caribbean Diaspora.


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