ICOM 2019 Plenary Session: The Museum Definition – The backbone of ICOM

Plenary Session: The Museum Definition – The backbone of


Courtesy ICOM:

“Over recent decades museums have adjusted, transformed, and re-invented their purpose, policies and practices, to the point where the ICOM museum definition no longer seems to reflect our challenges and manifold visions and responsibilities. In this plenum ICOM will bring together network experts and external voices to discuss about the overall need for a change in the museum definition and of the visions and potentials for a new definition. Moderator: Jette Sandahl Chair of the Museum Definition, Prospects and Potentials Committee (MDPP) Speakers: – W. Richard West Jr., President and CEO, Autry Museum of the American West – Nirmal Kishnani Associate Professor, National University of Singapore, Editor in Chief of FuturArc Magazine – George Okello Abungu, Emeritus Director General, National Museums of Kenya – Shose Kessi Associate Professor and Acting Dean, Humanities Faculty, University of Cape Town – Margaret Anderson Director, Old Treasury Building, Melbourne – Lauran Bonilla-Merchav Professor, University of Costa Rica, Chair ICOM Costa Rica.”

How does this relate to your own practice within a Caribbean-based museum?


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