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Via The Exhibitionist who state:


“New thing, which my brother and I threw together this morning. Downloads available at theexhibitionist.org, physical postcards coming soon
Based on a classic comment card, with apologies and thanks to the Guerrilla Girls, these cards are for when you’ve got more of a comment than a question. Just fill it out and pop it in the post or leave it in the museum! (disclaimer: don’t damage anything, don’t litter)
A lot of people ask me how they can help push museums to be better. I doubt this will change them all overnight, but I want it to be a push, in the same way as #DisplayItLikeYouStoleIt and the Tours are. Individuals shouldn’t be forced to justify their presence in art and history spaces. When diversity projects rely on free labour, they’re exploitative and usually leave the institution’s structures unchallenged. That’s not good enough. I don’t want this to be another project that makes people perform their marginalisation for the benefit of the institution. Like everything I do it’s lighthearted, but meant with teeth. Maintain your rage and enthusiasm. Do it with conviction, but care for yourself. 
Digital downloads are free, and the postcards will be as cheap as I can make them. #FixYourLabels is the tag to share with. Go forth and be furious and facetious.”

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